Dinosaur Island Stomps on to Kickstarter!

Let’s Get Paleontologeeky in Here! Pandasurus GamesDinosaur Island is now on Kickstarter!

Designed by Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter) and Brian Lewis (Titans of Industry)and illustrated in a bombastic explosion of color by Kwanchai Moriya and Peter Wocken, Dinosaur Island is a game that put you into John Hammond’s dinosaur brewing shoes.

You need to create your own prehistoric reptile amusement park by collecting DNA, researching, and eventually combining it all to make some dinos!

This worker-placement game is played in seasons and, during each season, players will need to build attractions and keep their guests happy (and off the menu)

Jess: I get to build my own Jurassic Park? Oh hell yeah! Tyranno-Raptor-Dilophosaurus here I come!

Dinosaur Island includes some interesting elements including  a scalable game length (60 mins to 2.5 hours), dinosaur meeples (yes!), and Plot Twits cards to shake things up. Two Plot Twist cards will be used every game and are hidden objectives. Each one completed gives you 10VP.  These twists will give Dinosaur Island a fresh feel wherever you break it out.

The Kickstarter offers a Deluxe edition, which comes with shiny metal coins, special Spot UV and metallic ink on the box, and a it will be numbered. You will also get special deluxe edition stretch goals that won’t be available in the regular game. These special edition versions will never be reproduced for sale again so if you want to seriously trick out your copy, jump in on this now!


Jess: I am kind of ridiculously excited about this game. The art drew me in at first with the crazy color palate , but the theme is where it’s at. The regular edition is $60 and the special edition is $80. Head on over to the Dinosaur Island Kickstarter to pledge now lest it go extinct.



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