Renegade Games’ Triple Threat for Toy Fair

Fun can come in many flavors, like building, racing, adorableness, and Renegade Game Studios is covering those three vectors with gusto. We met with Sara Erickson, Director of Sales and Marketing, to talk about the exciting new games coming out this year!

Clank! Sunken Treasures

Clank! Sunken Treasures is an expansion for Paul Dennen’s press-your-luck, dungeon-exploration game where everyone is trying to stealthily loot their way to the best treasures without alerting the dragon to their presence.

This expansion gives us a whole new flooded dungeon to wander around. The board is double-sided, giving you the option of an easier/harder game. It also adds a new dungeon deck of 35 cards including items like scuba gear which will allow you to adventure underwater.

Jess: We’re big fans of the original game Clank! so having more to add to the game is just awesome! I love the goldfish design; can’t wait to face off against those buggers.

Andrew:  Agreed!  Clank! has a lot of fun little mechanisms, so it’s great to see that they are continuing to expand on the core game!  I’m really looking forward to sloshing around a flooded dungeon in my scuba gear, fending off goldfish (which is really a thing).

Clank! Sunken Treasures is coming to stores March 15th and hitting online retailers March 22nd.

Castles of Caladale

Castles of Caladale is a unique tile-laying game as, unlike most games in its category, you can rearrange your tiles at any time. Designed by David Wilkinson and illustrated by Erin Koehler, the main objective of the game is to build the best castle; earning you the most points.

1-4 Players will start each turn with 1 tile in their hand and must draw a second tile from the selection in the middle. Then you will place a tile in your castle, making sure that the sides of the tile line up with those around it (similar to Carcassonne).

Players get points for the size of their castle as well as the number of flags your castle has. The game also has a speed variant for those looking for more of a challenge.

Jess: The ability to move your tiles around whenever you want is really intriguing. No more empty spaces in my castles or regrets from picking up a tile that would have been perfect last round. No, now I can become the master castle builder I was mean to be!

Andrew:  Fantastic, a game that I can tell, just by looking, you’ll simply kick my butt in every time.  Still, at least my castle will be pretty!

Castles of Caladale comes to market March 29th.

Shiba Inu House

Ok, let’s admit it. This game makes everyone squee a little when they see it.

Shiba Inu House, adorably designed and illustrated by Aza Chen (Bubble Tea, Cat Tower, Chicken Cutlet), is a pattern-building, tile-placement game for 1-5 players. The point of the game is to build dog houses for your fussy little Shiba Inus.

They all have their specific preferences (in the form of goal cards), so you’ll have to carefully pick which cards you need to complete your little doggie’s mansion. The goal cards come in 3 levels of difficulty and are all adorned with mind-blowingly cute Shiba Inus.


Andrew:  ::Dies of cuteness::

You can look forward to seeing Shiba Inu House in April!

So that’s just some of the Renegade lineup!  We also got a peek at Honshu, a game which has gotten tremendous love oversees that Renegade is bringing to the states!

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