Calliope Introduces Dicey Peaks

Every time we meet with Calliope Games at a convention, they bring a pile of games, many of which are from their Titans Series.  But at this year’s Toyfair got us a sneak peek at something they are bringing to Kickstarter soon: Dicey Peaks!

The game is a racing game by Tiny Epic Scott Almes (also Best Treehouse Ever, The Great Dinosaur Rush, Harbour). In Dicey Peaks the players are all mountain climbers looking to obtain their fame by being the first to reach the peak and plant the red flag. The mountain is created by laying out 21 tiles in ascending order face-down. In typical push-your-luck style, you’ll get to roll a number of dice equal to the level of the mountain you are on.

There are 13 dice split into 3 levels (the ones in the picture are just demo copies. The real dice will be etched and made to look like ice!). Some dice help you move faster, but are more likely to bust while other dice are safer, but slow your progress.

On your turn, you can roll until you are happy with the results (or run out of dice or bust) and the results of your roll will determine what you can do with your turn; how far you can move up the mountain, how much oxygen you regain from resting, and whether or not a Yeti chases you all over the place.  Fun!

As you ascend the mountain you also have to manage your oxygen as the air gets thinner the higher you go. Every time you move you will lose air and at the very peak of the mountain, if you get to zero, your character passes out and you are out of the game!  This might not seem that hard to manage, but the mountain is treacherous. When you land on a tile it turns over; it and can be nothing more than pleasant vistas, easy climbs, or terrible obstacles that can slide you down the mountain and deplete your oxygen levels.

Andrew:  I love that there is the danger of player elimination, but only once you reach the upper peak.  That turns the last few rolls into super tense make-or-break moments, while still letting other players stay in the game if they have bad luck on the lower portion of the mountain.

Jess:  I think this one is going to be a winner. The game looks easy to learn, has some nice components, and it seems like it is going to be a quick play.

Andrew:  I think it looks like a really fun push-your luck game.  I like how there is no elimination until the very end, when it’s make-or-break. Also, custom dice colored to look like ice sound really neat!
Be on the lookout for Dicey Peaks on Kickstarter soon!

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