Asmodee’s Exciting Titles from Toy Fair

Asmodee’s booth had some awesome titles to show off at this year’s Toy Fair. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Pandemic legacy Season 2

When we saw this box Andrew almost didn’t want to look for fear of spoilers, but we knew you all would want a peak at the upcoming game. From what we can see on the back of the box, this season of Pandemic Legacy 2 is set 71 years after the previous one.

It looks like the baddies did a pretty good job of destroying the world and now instead of just fighting diseases and dealing with, I’m going to go ahead and call them, “plague victims” (to save those of you that haven’t played season 1), you’re going to be working to keep your community alive.

From the back we can take note of some exciting developments:

Now you can make your own character. Our pic got a little blown out, but enhanced you can see that you get to choose your picture, name, professions, and home city. This is going to make losing characters a whole lot harder.

This is also a stand-alone game. You will not need the previous Pandemic Legacy game to play, although if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do before playing this one. I’m betting the stories tie together in a lot of ways.

There are still epidemics to deal with and there is a curious little space in the corner of the board for “Plague cubes”.

There will be ports! It looks like you’ll be able to get around the board using some new routes. makes sense, seeing as how the map is quite a bit different now.

Pandemic Legacy 2 is estimated to release in Q3. According to the sell sheet it looks like this one is going to be priced at $79.99 MSRP.

Jess: Oh man! Post-apocalyptic Pandemic Legacy? Yes, please! I have so many questions!

Andrew: I am salivating to see where it goes. Pl1 was sublime, and the bar is super high for this one!


Jess: It’s so pretty! i just had to get that out now.

Yamatai is a game for 2-4 players where everyone is competing for presitige points. You can earn those by clearing islands, recruiting specialists, and contructing buildings to earn the favor of Queen Himiko (She loves her some buildings). The best architect wins. This one will MSRP for $59.99 and is estimated to release April 2017.

Jess: How can i resist a building game with gorgeous graphics from Days of Wonder?

Dice Forge

In this 2-4 player game you not only play with custom dice, you build them! Players can gather resources, fight monsters, and win victory points. As you play you can level up your dice by buying new die faces! They physically snap into your die creating a whole new way to play. Dice Forge is going to retail for $39.99 is is coming out second quarter of 2017.

Jess: Now if I can just pry these custom dice out of Andrew’s hands…

Andrew: Unlikely! Love the concept, cannot wait to see how it actually plays.


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