Collaborate in Creation with Playsource

Creators Media, Inc. has announced the launch of Playsource, a new site where designers and fans can work together to create games.

Playsource is focused on independent projects for digital games and board games and lets indie developers connect with their fans as their project progresses. The games will have a page where fans can get updates on development, playtest demos, post their feedback, and engage in live chats with the creators.

“Playsource is about connecting players with the creators of their favorite games,” stated Horton, Business Development Manager at Playsource. “Developing this relationship will bring indie games to life, and out of this process comes a game with all fan needs and desires built in”.

Playsource is also offering support services for developers in the form of content, marketing, PR and community management. This is an interesting program for smaller designers who might need help getting their game off the ground. I took a look at their set-up and the design of the site is pretty nice.You get a very clean looking splash page, an area for social links, videos, and links to related stories. So far there is only one card game on the site, but I expect that will soon change as word gets out about Playsource.

If you are curious about Playsource check out their site at:

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