DROPMIX a Game of Mashing-Up Your favorite Music

Hasbro and Harmonix (Rock Band, Dance Central)have teamed up to launch a music mixing game called DROPMIX.

The game uses a special board and cards in combination with the free DROPMIX app to allow players to mix Pop, R&B, Dance, Indie, Country, Rock and Hip-Hop music from around the world.

Each card features parts of songs by musicians like Afrojack, Bruno Mars, The Chainsmokers, Ed Sheeran, Fall Out Boy, The Jackson 5, Meghan Trainor, and Sam Hunt. When you add cards to the electronic DROPMIX board, it will automatically identify the NFC chip and begin playing the corresponding part of the song (bass, beat, loop or vocals) noted on the card. This allows players to mix songs in exciting new ways.

To play the game you will earn points by adding cards into corresponding spots indicated by color. You’ll be able to push your opponents cards off by playing higher point cards. The DROPMIX board has an internal judge which will award the mixes points and the winner is the first to reach 21. The game will include a Clash Mode, where you can play 1v1 or 2v2. You’ll also have the option to save your favorite mixes so you can enjoy them later.

DROPMIX is launching at SXSW this year, exclusively at Mashable’s MashBash on Sunday, March 12th. It will have a MSRP of $99.99. It comes with an electronic DROPMIX Board and 60 music cards. You’ll be able to add to your card collection through “Playlist Packs” which come with 16 DROPMIX Cards for $14.99 or “Discover Packs” of five DROPMIX Cards for $4.99.

Jess: Considering the price and description of the rules, I’m inclined to think that this may end up just being a novelty. On the other hand, I could see some intrepid gamers coming up with their own games based on the tech such as a Cards Against Humanity style voting game where players secretly submit their mixes and a Mix Master picks their favorite to award points to.

That’s just one idea. What do you think? Does DROPMIX sound like a new chart-buster or just a one-hit-wonder? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credits: Hasbro & Harmonix

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