Flip Ships Saves the World this Summer

Renegade Game Studios has announced their new game Flip Ships, their upcoming cooperative dexterity game! Kane Klenko (FUSE, FLATLINE,Covert) has engineered this 1-4 player game with illustrative help by Kwanchai Moriya (Island Hopper, Kodama, Loop Inc.).

As pilots of the planet defense force, your mission is to fight the enemy mother ship that is trying to invade. It will be sending waves of fighters out and we must FIGHT BACK…by flipping!

“Dexterity games really open up a lot of intriguing design space,” says Renegade President Scott Gaeta. “Flip Ships challenges players to work together while adding the excitement and suspense of landing a satisfying flip.”

Jess: I’ve reached out for more info on the game from Renegade, but until then, what we do know is Flip Ships is coming out this summer with a MSRP of $40!

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