Coming to Kickstarter: Wages of War

On April 11th, Ben Mora, creator of Flip!, is Kickstarting his latest game Wages of War: The Uncooperative Siege Game.

It will be a 2-4 player worker placement game influenced by games like Puerto Rico. In the game you will need to produce weapons, hire soldiers, and send them into battle to attack your enemy’s castle. Whichever player manages to do the most damage to the castle when it falls, is the winner.

Mora says the game uses an “inverse-worker-placement” mechanic where players will first station workers in the 5 encampments surrounding the castle. These workers are converted into buildings. From those buildings players can then issue orders to obtain resources, produce weapons and soldiers, and attack.


The Kickstarter campaign will launch on Tuesday April 11th at 10:00am CST. You’ll be able to nab a copy for $49 plus free shipping worldwide. Before the Kickstarter begins, Mora Games is running a contest where 3 winners will receive a free copy of Wages of War when it is available. You can enter at

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