ENTROPY – Worlds Collide With Kickstarter

Rule & Make (Burger Up, Entropy, Skyward) has only 3 days left to go on the Kickstarter for their new version of Entropy!


The story of Entropy is that multiple parallel worlds have crashed into each other and the players are trying to put their own reality back together and return home. Each character has 4 shards that they must collect using abilities and special actions to form a complete panoramic vista of their world.

Everyone has six different action cards and each round they choose simultaneously which one they are playing. If two players use the same card they clash and cannot perform their action. Each time you play a card you cannot play it again until you play Rewind Time, so your opponents can see your actions dwindling as time goes on. It is part balancing act, part bluffing game to manage to outwit your opponents.

This version of the game is a “re-imagining of Entropy” and the creative team has taken the lessons they have learned from past designs to make a bunch of quality of life improvements. The changes to the game are listed below:

  • A new one-versus-many game mode with the new Wanderer character
  • The “Fracture Event” round structure has been removed in favour of a streamlined single continuous game loop. This reduces ongoing set-up and keeps the pace fast and focused on the action.
  • Players no longer play 4 actions in a round. Instead players can play the “Reset” action any time to return played actions back to their hand. Players will “desynchronise” over time, which adds to the tactical decision making, reducing the chance of accidental clashes.
  • Players can now only hold a single unlocked Shard (formerly called Fragments).
  • All of the action card abilities have been reworked to ensure every action is always useful.
  • Most of the character abilities have been improved and rebalanced, supporting different combination of matchups to remain viable.


  • All new style and design
  • New Wanderer character
  • New Unleash action
  • All of the character artwork has been touched up
  • All of the action artwork has been repainted

Other Improvements

  • Action cards are now portrait orientation to make it easier to hold
  • Action cards have different card back designs assigned to each character. This makes sorting the cards during setup much easier.
  • Ronin got his reality back!

There is only one pledge level for this campaign. For a pledge AU$ 19 (approximately USD $15, EUR €14, CAD $19) you get Entropy: Worlds Collide Game, the exclusive Worlds Collide Anchor Token, Shards of Reality Novella, Ronin’s Reality Fold-Out Print, and a full-color print & play of the game.

Jess: I am really excited for this! If you read our review of the original Entropy, you know that we enjoyed the game despite a few mechanics we aren’t fans of. All of the changes that Rule & Make are instituting look like they will make for a more streamlined and exciting game. I can’t wait to try it! There isn’t much time left so pledge for your copy of Entropy on Kickstarter at:

Also make sure to take a listen to the games theme song (yes I said theme song). It’s my new jam!

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