Make Your Oil Millions in Peak Oil! Now on Kickstarter.

Imagine this: The future of clean energy is coming. Soon the world will no longer have to rely on oil. This is good news for the world and slightly awful news for you as top manager of an oil company…

Designed by Tobias Gohrbandt and Heiko Günther of 2tomatoesPeak Oil is a worker placement/push your luck game for 2 to 5 players. Each player will get to place agents to different action spots on the board during their turn. Whomever gains/ties the majority at a location will be able to take the action of the spot.

The actions you can take include: “developing and harvesting oil fields, building pipelines, hiring new agents, buying new ship contracts, investing in oil replacement technologies, conducting PR campaigns, engaging in piracy, and manipulating public opinion and oil prices”.

Your “Agents” are dressed to balance some books and kick some ass!

The Push your luck aspect comes in the form of oil barrels. At the beginning of the game you’ll add red, yellow and black barrels to the bag. Every time you take a less than savory action you’ll have to draw from the bag. Red and Yellow barrels indicate that the media has caught on to your shenanigans and you’ll earn a “PR Crisis”. Black barrels are the world’s oil supply and when that black gold mine is tapped out, consider the oil business over. The end of Peak Oil is triggered when the last black Barrel is removed from the bag.

The player who has earned the most victory points with their back alley wheeling and dealing of oil wins the game and several dark glares from environmentalists.

Peak Oil is available on Kickstarter now for a pledge $40 (37€) + shipping unless you are headed to Essen Spiel 2017. Then you can skip the shipping cost and pick up the game at the convention. You can also get a copy of Lord of the P.I.G.S.! 2tomatoes’ first game.

Jess: Although I’ve never played a 2tomatoes game, I have high hopes for Peak Oil as Gil Hova (The Networks, Wordsy, Bad Medicine) helped develop game and his designs have consistently been fun and accessible. I’m not the cut-throat type, but the theme is interesting enough and the art is pretty slick, so consider me interested in this game.

Peak Oil has already doubled its funding and released 2 stretch goals, but considering they have 20 days to go, I’m betting you’ll see a bunch more come out before the campaign is done. Slink on over to the Peak Oil Kickstarter to do some shady oil deals and pledge for your copy (insert evil corporate laugh).

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