Jess’s Kickstarter Fav Five of the Week 4/21/17

Happy Friday folks! Let’s check out which Kickstarters I’m eyeballing this week!

1. Button Men: Beat People Up

Back in 1999, James Ernest of Cheapass Games came out with the game Button Men, which was set in Fight City, where as you would expect, there be some brawling. The game had a unique idea of using buttons as characters and dice as their attacks. Now Cheapass is bringing the game back, but to make the game more accessible, the characters are being printed on cards.

Button Men Cards

You can get the the starters for $35. It comes with a pool of 30 dice, which includes includes 20 light dice and 10 dark dice (exact colors TBD), in sizes d4, d6, d8, d12, and d20. If you are like me and have a horde of dice already, Cheapass is also offering a “cards only” pledge option. It’s onIy $15. I am kinda bummed that this option doesn’t come with a box for the game, but it does cut the cost in half.

The thing that appeals to me about this game is that it uses a bunch of different sized dice. I’ll finally have a use for all my d12’s! If you are interested, grab your tommygun and swing on over to the Button Men Kickstarter to get the lowdown.

2. Barker’s Row

Here we have a classic example of a game pulling me in with its theme. Barker’s Row is a dark circus where each player is vying to lure the most rubes (meeples) to their stands. You can do this by building up your attractions by collecting suits of Freaks, Beasts, and other Oddities.

I love that this game comes with little 3D grandstands that you can place the custom meeples on. The rubes will be provided by MeepleSource, so I know the quality is going to be good and the pieces with be nice and chunky. and who doesn’t love a chunky meeple?

Barker's Row Game

The art is super stylized and creepy which delights me and they’ve got Steven Aramini behind the design. He’s done a lot of great games like Circle the Wagons, Yardmaster, and Groves, so I’m pretty confident Barker’s Row will be a fun time. You can learn more on the Barker’s Row Kickstarter page.

3. Take the Gold

Corgis, Kittens, Pirates. Need I say more?

Ok I’ll say more. This is a quick play card game for 2-6 players. It’s super simple. First player to 4 gold wins. Pirate Cats take gold from other players. Corgi Officers block cats. The Kraken card devastates your opponents hand and the Captains block the Kraken. This looks like a great filler game and for only $12, it’s an easy sell. You can nab a copy of Take the Gold here.

4. Bullets and Teeth

bullets and teeth card game

I’m not exactly sure how duct taping a cat to a glock is going to help you fight zombies, but in Bullets and Teeth that kitten might just give you the edge. Bullets and Teeth is a zombie themed card game for 3-5 players where everyone is trying to be the last survivor standing. I’m not a fan of player elimination games, but at least this one sounds fast paced enough that it isn’t going to be a “I’ll go make a sandwhich game”.

The video Last Ditch Games put together for Bullets and Teeth is pretty funny. Give it a watch and then check out their campaign here.

5. UNIMO – A Universe of Monsters

UNIMO is a ladder style game about battling monsters. Each turn you’ll be playing a card from your hand to top the card previously played. Whoever empties their hand first wins the game. What I think is neat about UNIMO, is the action cards. They can be played over any cards and let you do things like challenge another player to a duel or have actions that are specific to the currently played world (suit). So for example if the last played card is of the rock world suit, you might play an earthquake card which makes all players choose 2 cards to be put into a communal stack, shuffled, and re-dealt.

I’m a fan of ladder games and this one has some cool ideas going on. You can get the basic set which plays 2 to 4 or add the expansion which adds 2 more players. Check out the UNIMO kickstarter here for more info.

That’s it for this week, but join me again next Friday for more exciting Kickstarters.

What board game Kickstarters have you checked out this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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