Passport Games/Rule & Make Team Up!

Passport Game Studios is on a roll this week. They have announced that they are partnering with Australian publishing house, Rule & Make.

Beginning at Gen Con 50 in August, 2017, Passport will carry titles by Rule & Make including Skyward: The Airborne City, Entropy: Worlds Collide, Smiths of Winterforge, Robots & Rockets, Tavern Fame, and more.

Image Credit: Passport Games

Scott Morris, President of Passport Game Studios says. “There’s a lot of opportunity in the worldwide market for board games and adding a partner like Rule & Make is a great fit for both our companies. Alistair and Allen have a great eye for beautiful and fun games that we feel will be very successful with the broader distribution Passport offers our partners worldwide. Skyward will be our first release with Rule & Make and it should help make Gen Con even more memorable than we’ve already planned for the 50th anniversary this year.”

Rule & Make co-founder Alistair Kearney adds, “We’re really excited to partner with Passport Games Studios to bring Rule & Make’s catalogue of games to a worldwide audience. Passport Games Studios have a proven track record of partnering with publishers that share the same philosophy for fun, engagement, and beautifully designed board games. We look forward to being able to introduce new gamers all over the world to our growing range of titles. We’re proud of the quality of the games and accessories we can offer now, but we are equally excited about our forthcoming titles over the next 12 months!

We’re really excited to hear about this partnership. Rule & Make creates some great games. We really enjoyed playing Entropy: Worlds Collide and Burger Up, and considering they are part of the team slated to create the Hand of Fate board game (which we are eagerly awaiting), we can’t wait to see what comes of this awesome team-up!


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