New Titles from Alderac!

Alderac Entertainment Group has a long list of upcoming games coming our way soon! This June they will be releasing Oath of the Brotherhood, Destination Fun Combo Pack, and the Mystic Vale: Spirits of the Vale Event Kit. Then, come July, Guildhall Fantasy: The Gathering, Smash Up All-Stars Event Kit, and Lovecraft Letter will be coming out.

Oath of the Brotherhood is a strategic worker-placement game. In it 2 to 5 players are competing to fulfill missions and get in the good graces of Brotherhood of Pirates.

The retail price will be $49.99 and is set to release June 14, 2017.


Coming out June 21, 2017, on the heels of Street Oath of the Brotherhood,  is the Destination Fun Combo Pack. This box includes 3 expansions for games in the Destination Fun series, including the Coastal Tides, Planes Round Trip, and Automobiles Racing Season expansions.

Coastal Tides gives you new maps and Route Bonus cards, Planes Round Trip comes with new boards, plane tokens, actions, and goals, and lastly, Automobiles Racing Season lets you three new race tracks, more options for customizing your cars, and a Season campaign.

The Destination Fun Combo Pack is a great way for any collector of the series to enhance their games all at once. The set will be retailed for $79.99.

Last up in June will be the Mystic Vale: Spirits of the Vale Event Kit. This kit gives you everything you need to host a Mystic Vale tournament. You’ll get 2 copies of the base game and prizes (sets of 12 promo cards) for up to 8 players. Stores and meet-up groups can use this as a great way to engage players. Mystic Vale: Spirits of the Vale Event Kit becomes available  June 24, 2017.

On to July! Guildhall Fantasy: The Gathering presents a new stand-alone set for Guildhall. You’ll get 6 new professions and two mini expansions: The Chapter Masters and The Master Houses. The street date for The Gathering is July 12, 2017 and will retail for $44.99.

If you are looking to hold even more AEG events then check out the Smash Up All-Stars Event Kit also coming out on July 12th. The kit comes with 8 All-Stars Decks (20 faction cards, 2 bases, and a plastic divider for the Big Geeky Box), a table-sized Smash Up play mat, 1 set of wooden VP/power tokens in drawstring bag, and 2 retail copies of Smash Up.

On July 19th, Lovecraft invades Love Letter in Lovecraft Letter. Set to retail for  $29.99, this new version of Love Letter is themed in all the mystery and tentacle crawling madness of a Lovecraftian horror. Instead of wooing a princess, you’ll be searching for clues to the whereabouts of your missing cousin.

There are some new rules that introduce the Insanity mechanic. Insanity effects are powerful, but risky.

Jess: I’m really looking forward to Lovecraft Letter. While there are a bunch of different versions of Love Letter out there, AEG makes them feel unique and the insanity powers look like kind of intense. Oath of the Brotherhood also intrigues me, as I own a bunch of pirate games and worker placement games, but can’t think o many where the two cross over.
It looks like June and July are going to be some fun months!

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