Pack Your Minis in Dog Might Games’ Skirmish Box

Up on Kickstarter right now, the Skirmish Box is Dog Might Games’ answer to transporting your minis safely and in style.

Designed to carry several minis, the Skirmish Box is 11.25″ x 5.75″ and 3″ deep. You can also add wells that can store other items like cards, dice, and tokens, making it perfect for roleplayers. If you customize your box, there are several designs you can choose from for the interior and over 30 designs for the box lid.

Jess: I’m partial to the Arcane Circle lid. It is generic enough for me to use it for whatever game I’m playing in, but still looks pretty cool.

As a bonus, if you are a fan of Wyrd Miniatures, good news! Dog Might has partnered up with them to add official Malifaux faction logos to the designs on offer.

The Skirmish box also has a metal bottom covered in felt so you can add magnets to your miniatures. This way they stay upright and organized as you travel. Dog Might Games offers magnets for purchase in their add-on section of the campaign in case you want to augment your minis.

Magnets are magic.

The boxes are held closed with magnets as well and each comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. You can get a basic box for $99. It comes in White Ash with Natural finish, choice of felt color, and open interior. There are a ton of ways to customize your box so you get exactly what you want. The more you customize it, the more it will cost, but boy those boxes are pretty.

Jess: The Skirmish Boxes are set to ship in October, so these should be ready to be given as gifts for the holidays. I know a few roleplayers who these might be perfect for 😉 You can learn more and add your pledge on the Skirmish Box Kickstarter page here and, if you are interested in learning more about Dog Might Games work in general, check out the video below!

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