Fireside Games Announces Kaiju Crush

Coming November 1st 2017, Fireside Games’ Kaiju Crush, is a light strategy game for 2-4 players. The game was designed by designed by Tim Armstrong and Justin De Witt (creator of Castle Panic) and lets yo play as giant monsters; stomping around, crushing buildings, and battling each other.

Kaiju Crush uses a modular board where players will use cards to move their chosen monster around. When you land on a new City Tile and crushing it, you’ll pick up that tile and put one of your Territory Markers in its place. The tiles and territory markers help you earn points through objective cards.

You can also earn points by brawling with other monsters. Each monster has a unique fighting ability and combat works in a similar way to rock-paper-scissors except in this case you have  firebreath, claw, tail, kick, and spikes.

Kaiju Crush will be available for a  MSRP of $29.95 this November. You can check out a more in depth explanation of the rules in the Fireside Games’ blog post here.


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