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Dog Might Games Dragon Sheath Review

I’ve been a roleplayer for many years now. The sheer amount of dice I own is quantifiably ridiculous, as there is no possible way I could ever use all of them in one sitting.

I mean, look at this nonsense!

I’ve stored my dice in the hard plastic boxes they come in, Altoids tins, bags, and a variety of other improvised conveyances, but rarely do I treat my dice to a true dice box.

Maybe that’s why they always roll like crap.

Recently I got to try out Dog Might Game’s Dragon Sheath; a deluxe hand-crafted dice box, perfect for spoiling the heck out of your favorite gaming dice, possibly in the vain hope that they will stop betraying you during critical moments of your game.

Now that’s a dice box!

Right off the bat I have to say, these might not suit everyone. Dog Might Games pieces are absolutely luxury items. You’re going to be spending good chunk of change on one of these, and depending on your feelings, these boxes are either a bit of a waste or a spectacular investments.

Andrew: I’m in the “bit of a waste” camp.

Jess: And I think these are pretty darned awesome!

So why the disagreement? Well the biggest problem was size vs. storage space. Dragon Sheaths are about 8.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.0″. The box we took a look at only holds 1 set of dice and has room for 1 mini.

*Dice not included.

Andrew: When I first opened this box up, I was expecting to be able to fit several sets of dice, maybe a pencil or two, but the individualized holes for each die seem to a huge waste of the space. It also doesn’t account for if you need room for extra d6’s or whatnot. If I’m only going to carry around 1 set of dice, I might as well stick it in something much more compact and easy to fit in my bag.

Jess: Sure, this box isn’t going to fit a ton of stuff, but most of the time when gaming, I only use one set of dice and this is only one configuration out of many. Dog Might offers 14 different styles of interiors for you to pick from. Depending on what you will be storing, you can probably find something to fit your needs. The one I have is nice because it prevents the dice from banging into each other and since these particular dice are metal, it saves them from getting scratched up.

Image Credit: Dog Might Games

Andrew: That’s a good point.  The sheathe that suits a player is probably different than the sheathe that suits a GM (which I certainly am more often than not), so it’s actually really awesome to see all those options.

One of the other things we had to ding Dog Might for is the finish. The box we received has a Crusader top with a sword and shield carved into it. To carve out the design the wood has all these little carving marks and wherever those marks were not smoothed away, the finish felt rough. This leaves the box looking dusty in the right light. I’m not sure if this is typical or if the design made it hard to smooth out, but it felt odd considering everything else was so nicely polished.

Andrew: Now let’s talk for a moment about some things I think were awesome about this dice box.  First of all, there is no denying it looks cool, though I might have liked a redder or darker wood.

Jess: Well, good news!  We got a red oak exterior with a Leopard wood interior, which I love. But the website offers a huge selection of timbers from things like white ash to demon’s blood hickory and that is part of why I like the boxes. Options!

Andrew: Oh, cool.  I also really like how well this piece stays closed.  Dog Might use rare earth Neodymium, which sounds like something they made up, but these magnets are really strong and click together in a satisfying way. If you toss this in your bag on the way to a game, I highly doubt this box is going to get knocked open.

Magnets are magic

Jess: So, yes, you’ll be spending $60 or more on your dice box and you could argue that your storage solutions could be easily solved with a plastic bag or loose sock, but if you are willing to treat your dice to a bit of extravagance, you can really customize the heck out of your box. Not only are there over 50 designs for lids, plenty of interiors options, and your choice of woods, but you can also contact the viking lumberjacks that work at Dog Might to get custom builds.

Andrew: There’s no denying these are high quality pieces.  The look and feel is awesome, and maybe with a different internal layout, I would appreciate it more.  I still think it’s an extravagance, but you do get what you pay for.

Jess: I’d certainly consider getting a Dragon Sheath for myself, but more likely, I’ll invest in one as a gift. Since these pieces are hand-made and high quality, they are a perfect present for your favorite gamer. As an added bonus, buy them a set of deluxe dice to tuck inside and you’ve got one heck of a showpiece.

Andrew: A gift for, say, your favorite GM…?

Jess: Ahah!  I knew you just wanted your own.

You can buy your own Dragon Sheath on

(Gameosity received a unit for review.  We were not otherwise compensated.)

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