Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/26/17

Its the best Friday of all Fridays: the long weekend Friday! With memorial Day coming up, lets take a look at some fun Kickstarters to toss your hard earned money at.

1. Hang 12: The push-your-luck party game!

Grail GamesHang 12 is a party game for 3-6 players. Designed by Tim Roediger (Pyramix, Monsta, Dweebies), the game challenges to guess how your friends think.

The active player will be secretly marking answers to questions and the rest of the players must try to match their guesses with the answers. The better you know your friends the easier it will be. The art style for the game is fun and playful and I think the game will be an exciting challenge to play with strangers at game night. Grail has tons of stretch goals to unlock and you can add on a copy of Jeju Island which I think is a pretty great little game.

You can pledge for a copy of Hang 12 here!


2. ROLL PLAYER – Monsters & Minions Expansion (+ Reprint)

We really enjoy the Roll Player base game, so we were really excited to hear that it was getting an expansion.

The Monsters & Minions Expansion adds the ability to play up to 5 players, you can battle monsters, you get more Weapons, Skills, and Traits for the market plus a new item: Scrolls, new dice, new characters, new races,… Good heavens there is a lot packed int this expansion!

You can roll up some new pledges on the ROLL PLAYER – Monsters & Minions Expansion Kickstarter here.

3. Hand of Fate: Ordeals

You may have seen me geek out over this game when we first announced itDefiant Development and Rule & Make have paired up to bring the Hand of Fate video game to life. The original game was designed to act very much like a board game, so I suspect the transition to real cardboard went pretty smoothly. If you’ve never played Hand of Fate, the basic idea is that you are dungeon delving through a stack of cards that contain traps, treasure, encounters, and eventually a boss monster. While the video game was only for solo play, the board game will let up to 4 players try their hand at Hand of Fate: Ordeals (I apologize for the pun. Its in my contract. I have to).

We already have our pledge in and if you want to join us head on over to the Hand of Fate: Ordeals Kickstarter now!

4. Kitchen Rush

If Gordon Ramsey has taught me anything beyond how to yell at people in inventive ways, it is that working in a professional kitchen is hectic, intense, and team based. Artipia Games’ Kitchen Rush is a game for 1-4 players, designed to give you that feeling of being in the weeds while trying to bake several souffles and still manage to get your beef wellington cooked to perfection. Using real-time worker placement, players will try to keep their restaurant running for 4 four minute rounds. That is not a lot of time. This game sounds frantic and exciting.

Read the recipe for Kitchen Rush on Kickstarter here.

5. H.E.A.D. Hunters: A New Kind of Tabletop Game

This is one of the games I saw at PAX East and it has an interesting idea: Cross board games with Funko Pop figures. Everything you need to play the game is contained inside the figure. The game uses point-to-point movement similar to games like X-Wing, where you move your pieces around a table with no board.

To figure out how far and the direction your figure can move, you measure the distance with the included string. There are cards which can be placed on the table to create the battlefield and play as attacks or defense against other players. While it isn’t my style of game, H.E.A.D. Hunters has a unique concept going on and I’m betting a lot of people will like the collectible nature of the game.

Check out the H.E.A.D. Hunters Kickstarter here.

There are so many Kickstarters out there that look awesome. Which ones are you excited by? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/26/17

  • 1) Deep Space D-6 came out with an expansion and reprint

    2) Loot & Recruit looks like whacky fun


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