Flash Point: Fire Rescue is Going Digital

Exciting news! Indie Boards and Cards (IB&C) is working to bring their cooperative fire fighting game, Flash Point to PC and mobile platforms!

IB&C has teamed up with a game development studio called RetroEpic. Together they are translating the board into a fully rendered 3D version with animated characters, fires and smoke.

Just like in the flammable cardboard version, your firefighters will try to control a blaze that threatens to consume this cute little house. As you work,  you’ll discover unconscious residents who need your help.

You’ll have to move quick and plan out your strategy lest the raging inferno bring the house down around you!

Jess: I’m a big fan of Flashpoint. It is a tense co-op game that I have lost more often than not because I rush into the burning building to save the pets before thinking through my strategy. Don’t judge me. Saving that cat’s life was important!

The game is currently looking for funding through FIG (a crowdfunding site for video games). Backers can get a copy of the digital game for a base price of $10 if it funds, but there are also a couple of higher level tiers which can get you exclusive firefighter skins, steam keys for other games, and other in-game locations to play in. They are also offering a stretch goal which will add Story Mode to the game.

You can learn more and back the digital Flash Point: Fire Rescue on Fig.

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