Post-Apocalyptic RPG HELLSCAPES Hits Kickstarter

Scrivened, makers of roleplaying supplements like HYPERLANES, is kickstarting their second Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition revision called HELLSCAPES.

HELLSCAPES is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where society as we know it has collapsed. Whether you are looking to play a mutant or fight off hordes of angry scavengers, these rules give you a way to play out your Mad Maxian stories.

If you are looking to play D&D in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, is for you. The creators have retooled the 5E rules to give you an engine for

The HELLSCAPES supplement uses the Gambit system instead of magic. The system was originally developed for HYPERLANES and is designed to be lightweight and help speed up combat. They’ve even included rules for vehicular combat so you can get all the truck chases and explosions you crave. You can also combine HELLSCAPES and HYPERLANES in case you want to play a more science-fictiony wasteland game in space.


HELLSCAPES offers 5 new classes based on the D&D originals:

Marauder – (Barbarian). Doing battle in the wastes with pure will and rage. Archetypes: Feral, Holdout, and Raider

Nomad – (Ranger). Those who go from place to place, living off the land, surveying the desolation, and weaving society back together. Archetypes: Haggler, Rider, and Survivalist

Outcast – (Rogue). Living by their own code and their own ways due to fate, chance, or their own need for the open road. Archetypes: Freak, Lone Wolf, and Packrat

Scavenger – (Sorcerer). Cobbling together new things and new ways from old. Fixing people and things with what’s at hand. Improvising as needed to get the job done. Archetypes: Fetishist, Rigger, and Sawbones

Throwback – (Paladin). Dedicated to an ethos, bringing back old ways. Oaths relate to specific old ways and ethical codes: Oath of Knowledge, Oath of Office, and Oath of Persistence

You can get the entire run of HELLSCAPES in pdf form for a pledge of $20. This includes the Corebook, Players Guide, Character Sheets, Gambit Deck, and PDFs of any adventures, decks, or books unlocked by stretch goals. This system is a great way to take your next campaign into the ruined wastes. Go check out HELLSCAPES on Kickstarter here.

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