Create Games at Gen Con 50

The Get Your Game On Challenge is coming to Gen Con 50!

Game On Tabletop, the crowdfunding site for tabletop games, will be running the Get Your Game On Challenge at Gen Con 50. The competition will challenge independent game designs to create a quick-rule game that plays in less than 10 minutes before the end of the convention.

Participants will be provided with free prototype kits with contents such as dice, meeples, blank cards, pencils and more. Once their game is complete, designers will demo the game to the Game On Tabletop judges for a chance to win gift vouchers for prototype development and exposure to the game industry.

“Have you dreamed of becoming a game designer? Are you as dedicated as we are to the discovery of great new games? The Get Your Game On challenge is a fun way to open game design up to everyone, by and for the community that knows tabletop games best – tabletop gamers,” says Laura Hoffmann, Game On Tabletop’s business manager. “We can’t wait to see what the community brings to the table for Gen Con 50’s debut of Get Your Game On.”

This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of making their own game. For more information, visit

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