Rolf the ROTFL Game is on Kickstarter!

Rolf is a quick and simple-to-learn party game designed by Robert Burke and co-published with Hank Green’s company, Don’t Forget to be Awesome Games (DFTBA Games).

Jess: Ok, can I just geek out for a minute here? Hank Green is publishing a game??? I love his Youtube shows. I am so in!

The basic idea of the game is one player will act as the “judge” and read a phrase from a card. The other players must quickly finish the phrase with a word starting with the letter listed on the back of the card (without using the correct word for the phrase). If you say the correct word, you can’t win the round and you lose 1 point.

So thus you might get a sentence like “You make me feel like a natural… wombat.”

Hilarity ensues and the judge picks their favorite answer. That person gets a point and the player to the left of the judge becomes the next judge. Play continues until each player has been judge twice and then whoever earned the most points wins!

Not only is Rolf on Kickstarter right now, but you can also get the expansion packs too. Every backer who pledges $25 or more, automatically gets the Kickstarter exclusive expansion pack and if you pledge at the $40 level, you’ll also get the NSFW expansion pack, and the Beer & Boardgames expansion pack. Each expansion will add 25 more cards (50 phrases). The base game includes 210 cards (420 phrases).

Jess: The game looks fun and is a Party-Judging game without (thankfully) being a recycled Cards Against Humanity clone. I’m particularly excited by the Board Games expansion. Now if I can just get Hank to play Rolf with me…

You can get a copy of Rolf on Kickstarter here!

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