The Game Crafter Introduces Component Studio

In an effort to make game creation even easier, The Game Crafter has released their newest design tool Component Studio. They’ve been working on this for 3 years and are now sharing their project.

Component Studio gives you access to thousands of fonts to use in your games. and will automatically format cards and images for you and then give you options for a print and play PDF, raw images with full bleed, or even upload those images directly to The Game Crafter. You can check out all the features below:

Think Image Editor + Automation

  • Design your card or tile once
  • Generate dozens or hundreds of components with a button push
  • When you make a change, you can update all your components in real-time
  • Get your components out in the format that you need

Upload Assets

  • Upload spreadsheets where each row represents a card or tile
  • Upload fonts to stylize your text (or use the thousands we provide for you)
  • Upload images (or use the ones you have in Dropbox, Google Drive, or Imgur)

Image Editing

  • Place, rotate, and resize images
  • Create stylized text
  • Draw boxes, circles, and lines


  • Export directly to a game in The Game Crafter
  • Generate a print and play PDF with bleeds removed and crop marks added
  • Export a zip file of high resolution images you can use for any purpose you like

If you love creating your own games, Component Studio is a fantastic tool for cutting down on the busy work. You can learn more in the video below or sign up at


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