Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 8/4/17

A wild Kickstarter approaches. Fav Five List, I choose you!

Let’s take a look at which Kickstarters are jumping out of the grass to get my attention.

1. The Art of Nolan Nasser 2: An Astral Adventure

Nolan does a lot of really great art for board games. He’s worked on titles like Groves, Fate of the Elder Gods, New Bedford, and Dubai: Rebuild the Ruins. We love his stuff and one of his pieces is part of our art wall which features in my Gameosity Digital vids (I’ve got to work on the lighting so you can see it easier).

This Kickstarter is for a collection of his work. Now I know this isn’t a board game Kickstarter per se, but I think the art of board games is very important and great artists like Nolan should be supported so they will continue to grace our boxes & board with their awesome works.

Take a look at Nolan’s work on Kickstarter here

2. Flash Point: Tragic Events

Flash Point is one of those games that we love, but it doesn’t get enough attention. Flash Point: Tragic Events is an expansion to the cooperative game and adds an event deck as well as 3 new specialists (characters). The game plays a lot like Pandemic in a sense. You are trying to put out fires and save people from a crumbling building. Its tough and tense and I think the events deck is going to add a lot.

This Kickstarter is also perhaps the only way for you to get you hands on the expansion. Since it is a special release Indie Boards & Cards doesn’t think it will ever go into distribution. They will have a few copies at Essen and maybe BGG CON, but whatever is leftover from the Kickstarter will be sold on Amazon til its gone.

If you want a copy of Flash Point: Tragic Events head on over to Kickstarter and pledge now!


3. Bearded Meeple Reviews

Ok yes, this is another “not technically a board game, but also important” Kickstarter. We like to support other reviewers and Bearded Meeple makes some great content. Also he has…

This is totally a valid reason to back his campaign, but if you need more, there are several backer levels which will get you things like Bearded Meeple buttons, Producer Credits, or even let you co-host! That’s pretty darned cool.

This project is a great way to support your fellow gamer, so bounce on over to the Bearded Meeple Kickstarter and help Tyler out.

4. Sakura

This is a pretty game. It’s simple, elegant, and the kind of game you can toss in a bag and play between things while on vacation or at a convention (I’ve got Gen Con on the brain). It reminds me of The Game (which we mentioned in a gift guide), but with a few extra rules. You’re trying to discard all of your cards to win the game, but placed cards must be the same color and of greater or lesser in value as the card on the top of the pile.

The one thing I beg of you is: DON’T WATCH THE VIDEO. This game looks nice and I can’t get through the poorly pronounced Japanese words in the video. Once the narrator gets to the word Geisha, I just lose it. Trust me, I’ve watched the video like 3 times. I’m so sorry, but I can’t do it.

Go on without me and check out Sakura on Kickstarter.

5. Final Boss: The card game

Are you ready to have so much 80’s injected into your gamer bloodstream that you can’t stop shouting words like tubular and radical? Then get set for Final Boss! The cards for this game are packed with humorous nostalgia. The game looks like a video game crossed with Munchkin. You need to defeat bosses using your cards, but other players can sabotage you.

The art for this game really pulled me in. I kept playing spot the reference whenever I saw a new card in the video. If you have a soft spot for video games then this will probably be right up your alley.

Insert a quarter or perhaps a pledge to the Final Boss Kickstarter here.

Gen Con is coming soon, but I can abuse my wallet some more. Let me know which Kickstarters have you excited in the comments below!

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