The IGDN Metatopia Scholarship 2017

On, the Indie Game Developer Network (IGDN) is raising money for the Metatopia Sponsorship program. This scholarship is designed to expand the diversity in the indie tabletop game community.

IGDN will use the funds to buy a badge and a room and pay for the travel costs for deserving designers to attend Meatopia, a game convention held by Double Exposure in Morristown, New Jersey. This year, they are looking to raise enough money to award 8 designers of marginalized communities this sponsorship.

Image from Bluebeard’s Bride

IGDN has helped out some awesome designers like Sarah Richardson, creator of Bluebeard’s Bride:

“I went there with a sense of feeling exposed but left feeling pretty comfortable,” Sarah said about her experience. “And apply for the IGDN scholarship! I honestly thought I had no chance of winning. I figured there would be someone with more experience, better games, something. A real game designer, if you will, but that was nonsense. I had a game to playtest, and had an incredible experience.”

This experience will help designers have a shot at playtesting their games, meeting other designers, learning more about the business, and connecting with players.  100% of funds donated go directly to bring designers out to the convention.

Jess: This is a great opportunity to help some designers who would otherwise not get a chance like this. According to IGDN, even $25 can be a big help. Consider donating today!

Applications for the program will go live in late August. you can sign up here to be notified when the applications go live and check out the gofundme campaign here:

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