Gen Con 50: Big Trouble in Little China

The Everything Epic booth was showing off their new title, Big Trouble in Little China: The Game (BTiLC). I’ve been waiting to check this one out for a while now as I love the movie so much.

Gen Con 50 Big Trouble in Little China
The minis are pretty rocking, you guys.

The demo copy they had was a little rough around the edges, but was still looking pretty good. I was a little upset to see stickered dice (I hate stickered dice with a vengeance), but, thankfully, the game will come with 38 custom molded dice so I won’t have to aggravate over placing 228 stickers.

Gen Con 50 Big Trouble in Little China
Everything Epic had the board displayed on the side since it was too big to fit on the table.

I liked the art for the player boards. I was expecting that they would just use stills from the movie, but they hired on artist,  Ilya Golitsyn, to give the game a comic-book style I really like.

Gen Con 50 Big Trouble in Little China

Also Everything Epic was giving away a nice bonus for Gen Con attendees that pre-ordered the game. You’d get a cloth Six Demon bag that included bonus demon cards for the game.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to get a demo of BTiLC, but from what I saw, I’m getting excited for the release. If you are interested in the game, Everything Epic is now accepting pre-orders on their website

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