Team Gameosity Grows…More!

Say hello to the newest addition to the Gameosity team: Joseph DeSimone!

Joe loves fun. He’s been having is since he was a little kid.


Joe DeSimone is our new head of RPGs at Gameosity. He’ll be doing op-ed pieces talking about the games the interest/annoy him. We’re happy to have him on-board, but who is he really? Let’s find out!

Jess: What is your background in RPGs? 

Joe: I am the Managing Editor of Scrivened Games, a 3rd party publisher for Cypher System and 5E.

Jess: How did you get into roleplaying?
Joe: I started digitally, both with single player RPGs like Deus Ex and MMOs like Everquest and Star Wars Galaxies (EQ is how I learned how to type). I moved on to TTRPGs by my early teens, first with 3E D&D. That game lasted about a month before it fell apart, and I very nearly stopped there. But two things happened. First, I found a copy of Delta Green that I couldn’t put down. It was fascinating. Second, I found the new World of Darkness official chatroom, and realized I could play TTRPGs online whenever I was free.

Jess: What is your favorite game/style/genre or whatnot?
Joe: Game: Delta Green, Style: Rules-light, narrative games, Genre: Urban Horror That said, my tastes vary wildly over time.

Jess: Are you running any games right now?
Joe: Only the games I run for children at the Brooklyn Game Lab, sadly :/

Jess: Thanks Joe!

Please help us welcome our new writer and keep an eye out for his work coming soon! In the mean time check out some of his previous roleplaying books here.



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