Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 9/8/17

As the week rounds out, my Kickstarter list ramps up! Let’s check out what caught my eye in the past few days!

1. The Networks: Executives

I love Gil’s original game The Networks and recently he stopped by Gameosity HQ to show us the new expansion for the game: Executives.

In executives each player will choose one of the new Network Executive cards. That character will help influence how they play the game as they all have you now have unique powers and goals. There are also Season 0 cards now that you can draft. This means that your starting line-up  will give you different bonuses and help you start envisioning what kind of crazy shows you want to sign onto your Network.

The last exciting addition is mogul cards. These cards are like bigger, better Network cards, which give you bonuses in the game. Mogul cards will be earned if you get certain genre bonuses and can give you humongous bonuses.

When we played it was obvious that this expansion gives The Networks a ton of replayability. This is totally an expansion you need if you like the original game. If you have never tried The Networks, there is also a pledge level which gets you both the base game and expansion.

Click on over to the Kickstarter channel to pledge for a copy of the The Networks: Executives today!


2. Consentacle

Normally I shy away from games that revolve around sex, as often not often designed with people’s feelings in mind and instead look to attract players through the use of sexy characters or the temptation to express shocking ideas. Consentacle looks like the balm to all that.

 Consentacle is a game about trust. A human and an alien are trying to have sex and it is up to you and your partner to guide this unlikely pair through it. Each turn of the game you will play 1 card from your hand simultaneously. These cards can help by earning you trust tokens or hinder you. During the game you cannot speak and so through gestures and sounds you can try to indicate to your partner what you are playing. If you manage to get enough trust tokens, both the human and alien will be satisfied and you  win the game.

Unlike other adult games, there isn’t anything explicit about this game. The video shows players enjoying Consentacle in the middle of a cafe.Between that and the fact that it encourages a healthy and mutually exciting sexual experience, I think this game is really interesting. it’s got some really exciting names behind it like video game designer Naomi Clark, game critic and activist Mattie Brice, and comic book artist James Harvey.

Go take a peek at Consentacle on Kickstarter here!

3. Champions of Hara

Greenbrier Games makes some really interesting games, and Champions of Hara is right in line with that.  It is a Funk-Fantasy (I adore this term) where 1-4 players are trying to protect a dying world. In co-op mode the players must fight monsters and seal rifts (in what sounds a little like Arkham Horror style gameplay) and in versus mode it turns into a combat arena.

The art is beautiful, the minis are cool, you get a modular map that can evolve throughout the game, and a bunch of neat characters with different powers and play-styles. Color me excited!

Take a look at Champions of Hara on Kickstarter here!

4. Someone Has Died

We’ll be reviewing this one soon, but I wanted to put it up on the list today as I have had a chance to play it and it’s fun! Someone Has Died is a party game where all of the players have been assembled for the will arbitration of their dear friend (or sworn enemy).

One player is the “Estate Keeper” who will determine who has died, how they passed away, and what they left behind. All the other players must construct a personality from their cards that includes one identity card, one relationship card, and two backstory cards. By acting out their personality they must convince the Estate Keeper that they are the most worthy to inherit. The Estate Keeper can ask the players questions and by using more backstory cards they can construct their narrative.

I’m usually not a big fan of what I call “Argument Games”; the kind of games where you must argue your point and hope the judge picks you. Through the guidance of the cards, Someone Has Died gives a player more direction and relies slightly less on your ability to think up some bonkers story all by yourself.

Check out Someone Has Died on Kickstarter here!

5. Tiny Dungeon 2e

I like long, intricate RPGs that you play over years and get really invested in, but sometimes I also really love games where you can jump right in, have an adventure and be done. Tiny Dungeon 2e is designed to do just that. Within 5 minutes you can create a character and be up an running through what Gallant Knight Games calls Micro-settings, which are small example settings which come with a little story to give them some flavor.

The Tiny Dungeon system is simple. Roll 2D6 (or 3D6 if you have an advantage on the roll). If you roll a “5” or “6” on a die, your check succeeds. The rest is up to you. Tiny Dungeon seems like a great system for running one-shots or when playing with friends who might not be as familiar with Roleplaying games.

Check out Tiny Dungeon 2e on Kickstartere here!

Special Mention: Anthromancer

Occasionally I come across a game which looks like it might be intriguing, but the campaign itself does it a disservice. That’s the case with Anthromancer. Here we have a game system that provides players a number of different ways to play. It’s got a gorgeous deck of cards, that I would be happy to get just to play hands of poker with, and its very obvious that the designers put a lot of hard work into the system.

The major problem is that neither the video nor the campaign description really give me a good idea of what the actual games in Anthromancer are like. The designers give us flowery descriptions of the creation of the game, the included soundtrack, a mystery to be solved, but as to the rules, I’m still unclear. I point this Kickstarter out as a “what not to do” when running your own campaign. While the game looks intriguing, I’m not sure I want to invest in it as I have no idea what I’ll actually be playing. Telling me: ” An otherworldly combo of chess, poker, and dominoes, this game blends classical elements into something alien and alive.” doesn’t really give me any concrete info.  If we are lucky maybe the creators will release a copy of the rules so that we can get a better feel for the game, but until then…

If you are interested you can find Anthromancer here on Kickstarter.

What Kickstarters are you eagerly backing? Let us know in the comments below!

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