The Star Realms Cosmic Gambit Digital Expansion is Here!

Star Realms Digital just got a whole lot more awesome! Now you can download the the Cosmic Gambit (with Year Two Promo Cards) Expansion.

Not only will you get 9 new gambits, 10 new ships, and 1 new base, but the xpak comes with a Favorite Opponents List. You’ll be able to fav your friends, family, and nemeses to make it easier to challenge them any time you want.

There are also 2 new campaign chapters to overcome: Operation Haystack and Strange Alliances

To make your games more customizable, the expansion allows you to  define which sets/expansions are required and which are optional for a match. You can also do real-time challenges and can concede on an opponent’s turn.

Jess: This expansion adds a lot of fun stuff and some quality of life upgrades as well. Learn more about it at and buy the expansion for $3.99 here!

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