2018 Pandemic Survival Series Announced!

Pandemic is a fantastic cooperative survival game. We’ve loved pretty much every iteration of it so I’m excited to hear that Z-man Games has announced the Pandemic Survival Series!

2018 will see a ton of scheduled Pandemic events at conventions, game festivals, or your local game store. You’ll have opportunities to play at all skill levels from casual discovery tournaments to the highly competitive tournaments that culminate in the Pandemic Survival World Championships!

Tournaments will be taking place all across the world and teams will be able to compete for spots in their National Championships. If your team wins the Nationals you’ll be able to take part in the World Championships; competing against the best of the best, with your airfare and accommodations fully covered! The world championship team will be awarded with their choice of trip to any city location on the Pandemic board!

Each year a new standalone Survival Series version of Pandemic is released to coincide with the location of the World Championships. The 2016 entry into the Survival Series, Pandemic: Iberia, takes players back to 19th-century Spain to battle four real-world diseases.This years series game will be Pandemic: Rising Tide where players must save the Netherlands from encroaching floodwaters.

If you are interested in joining this upcoming season of Pandemic Survival check out Z-Man Games’s events page and talk to your local retailer about hosting a discovery event! You can learn more about the series here.

Retailers or convention organizers can sign up to become a part of the 2018 season of Pandemic Survival by signing up here.



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