Free Digital Talisman for Charity

Nomad Games is offering a free copy of Talisman: Digital Edition to their followers on Twitch and YouTube this Thursday.

It’s all in aid of raising money for One Special Day, a fundraising day, organized by SpecialEffect, that raises money for gamers with disabilities. During the  live Stream on our Twitch Becs Bate and Gareth Millar will be playing Talisman and giving away free Steam copies.

On top of accepting donations, 100% of revenue that Nomad Games receives from sales of the Shaman character goes to SpecialEffect. This charity is very important to them and the Nomad team has raised over £12,000 for SpecialEffect over the last 2 years! Please consider checking out the livestream and donating to this worthy cause

You can watch the livestream Thursday on Twitch  at or Youtube at



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