Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 9/29/17

Prepare your wallets! The Friday Kickstarter list is here!

1. Five Ravens: A 15 minute deckbuilding game of Gothic dangers

Grant Rodiek occasionally makes a limited run of these really neat boutique games. This time around he has created a deckbuilding/tableau building game for 2-4 players. The game is all about stealing relics from an evil Baron.

Each player starts with the same hand of raven cards, each of which can do different things or be used to steal. The relics you steal are added to your tableau, but so are the thieving ravens. The game looks like a delicate balance of gaining points and knowing when to sacrifice types of actions.

The game looks really interesting and this Kickstarter is probably the only way you’ll even get your hands on it, so head on over to the Five Ravens Kickstarter to check it out before it’s too late!

2. Tyler Sigman’s Crows

Keeping with the black birds of doom theme, we have Crows. It’s a tile placement game where players are looking to collect mana from the mystical crows of Tessandor. On their turn each player will add a tile from their hand to the board and place their mana totem.

Once all players have placed, crows will flock from their tiles to the closest totems and the players that own them will collect mana from the crows. I’m not sure how you squeeze mana out of a crow, but I bet it isn’t pleasant. Whoever has the most mana at the end of the game wins. You can learn a bit more in my Interview with David Gerrard on Crows or check out the Crows Kickstarter here!

3. Dice Hospital – a 1-4 player game. Roll, Treat, Discharge!

When your dice are sick, where can you bring them? To the Dice Hospital! In this worker placement and dice manipulation game you’re looking to upgrade your hospital, take in patients, and heal them!

The game has some really nice looking components and the deluxe edition comes with  mini ambulances that can hold up to 4 dice.

I can’t believe how awesome these look. Check yourself in to the Dice Hospital Kickstarter here!

4. THE 7th CONTINENT – What Goes Up, Must Come Down

I’ve heard that the 7th Continent is an awesome co-op survival game. This Kickstarter is for the expansion, but if you’re like me and missed out on the original game, you can get it though this campaign.

The original game is like a choose your own adventure game where you build the board as you go. The expansion adds 250 new cards and hot air balloon and beneath the earth adventures! I love games like these and although the game is expensive, I’m severely tempted.
Explore the 7th Continent Kickstarter-What Goes Up here!

5. Resident Evil™ 2 – The Board Game

While it doesn’t look revolutionary as a zombie-themed, horror-survival game, fans of the Resident Evil series will be excited to relive the downfall of Raccon City in Resident Evil 2 – The Board Game.

What excites me about the game are some of the monstrous minis. The base game comes with 21 minis that are straight out of the video game like Leon Kennedy and the, aptly titled, Licker zombie. Eww. The optional malformations minis are also super horrifying!

I’m not sure how the gameplay is, but it does have the cool mechanic of the tension deck, which generates random surprises and complications, making what looks like a tough coop game even more exciting.  This seems like a great item for fans as well as players who love horror  games. Check Resident Evil 2 – The Board Game. out now on Kickstarter!

What Kickstarters are you looking at this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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