Passport Game Studios Partners with ThunderGryph Games!

Passport Game Studios announced today that they have signed a distribution partnership with Spanish game publishing house ThunderGryph Games to bring several new games to their catalog in 2018.

Passport has a foundation built on forging relationships with international publishers and helping bring their games to a wider market. ThunderGryph has, in their first year, developed and produced several high-quality games by way of crowdfunding and is now excited to be able to bring those titles to retail markets worldwide with this new partnership. The first three titles to be released through this new partnership are Tao Long, Pot de Vin, and Dead Man’s Doubloons.

Tao Long

Scott Morris, President of Passport Game Studios states, “ThunderGryph has some of the most exciting Kickstarters I’ve personally backed in the last few years with Tao Long and Dead Man’s Doubloons, so you can imagine my enthusiasm now that Passport is working with them! Gonzalo has an excellent vision for the board game industry which aligns well with Passport’s vision and goals. We’re focused on bringing beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-learn games to the market with which players everywhere will make memories to last a lifetime. With ThunderGryph we add another partner to our already strong family to help achieve those goals, while introducing gamers to an active and growing publisher like ThunderGryph and their talents.”

Pot de Vin

Gonzalo adds, “We are very excited to join the Passport Family. Developing board games is an amazing experience and having a partner that shares our passion will bring the best out of our titles. We have been working on several titles during the past year and we are really looking forward to what can be achieved alongside Passport Game Studios.”

Dead Man’s Doubloons

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