Board Game Costumes

Jess: Halloween is fast approaching! The time for ghosts and ghouls is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing the amazing costumes that people come up with each year. Board games might not be your first thought when coming up with a costume, but they can be some great inspiration.

This Spy from Codenames is an easy costume to slap together.

Think of all the cool characters in your favorite games. Some of my top picks are:

  • Investigators from the Call of Cthulhu games
  • Spies from Codenames
  • The adorable gods from Santorini
  • Adventurers from Clank!
  • Leaders from Scythe
  • Any of the monsters from King of Tokyo
  • Dead of Winter Survivors
  • The travelers from Near and Far
I would love to see someone make a Rin costume!

These are just a few suggestions to get your gears turning. If you need more inspiration check out these awesome board game costumes that fans submitted to us.

Red Dragon Inn for charity!” @Fluff_N_Crunch on Twitter
“This comes from Andy Mesa, one of our PAX Tournament leads, who saw people cosplay Ticket to Ride box cover once upon a time.” @MattMorganMDP on Twitter
“One of our guests – Amy – cosplayed today! She’s Zoey Samaras, the chef from Arkham Horror 😀 (I’m so sorry for the blurry pic!) #SHUX2017” by @philippawarr on Twitter

Jess:These cool folks rock! I hope these pics inspire you to cosplay your favorite board game. I totally want to do a Mice & Mystics costume now!

What game would you love to make a cosplay of? What game do you think would make the best costumes? Let us know in the comments below and if you make a costume this year send it to [email protected] we can feature you here!

Featured Image Credit: William Warby

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