Z-Man Games Brings Tea to Thos Hard Working Farmers of Arle

Jess: So I am addicted to tea. I have an entire shelf in my cupboard dedicated to tea. Pair this with my love for Fields of Arle and you get an exciting new expansion: Fields of Arle: Tea & Trade!

This expansion, from Z-Man Games, takes Uwe Rosenberg’s original 2 player worker placenet game and finally adds a third player into the mix. Also, now, not only will you be able to build up your farm, but also ship your goods to faraway places.

According to Z-Man Games: “In East Frisia, tradition requires that guests be served at least three cups of tea, and it is expected they drink as much. The tea is usually a mixture of mostly strong varieties black Assam from India and is commonly served with a “kluntje,” a roughly die-sized sugar block that slowly dissolves over several cups of tea.”

To incorporate this important cultural staple, in the expansion tea is a new upgradeable resource. The tea allows your workers to act as if their tools are farther up the tool track and  gives them energy to perform an action twice! 

Once you’ve harvested the land, it’s time to trade. The new Harbor Board gives you access to fishing cutters and trade ships. These ships can be used to upgrade resources that are loaded onto them, but they also have special abilities. A fishing cutter will give you one food during Inventorying if you have empty space and Trade ships will travel, returning with valuable resources.

Jess: I am so excited for this expansion! I haven’t been able to get an official release date yet, but I’m betting we’ll see it pop up later this month for Essen. Now I have to go pour myself a cup of tea.

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