Portal Games Announces Lineup at Essen

Jess: Headed to Essen soon? Take me with you!

Portal Games has announced their schedule of events, autographing, new titles, and more!

This year they will be showing off four new titles: Alien Artifacts, First Martians, Cry Havoc: Aftermath, and Iron Gang. I’ve been seeing some really exciting posts about Alien Artifacts so I can’t wait to see it (but being stuck here I guess I’ll wait. If you can’t tell I’m a bit salty about not being able to go to Essen).

They also have an all-star line-up of designers, artists, and talent to meet at their booth (#3O118)! You have a chance to get autographs and play Alien Artifacts with the designers (my jealousy knows no bounds)!

On Thursday, October 26 Portal is hosting three events in the Mailand conference room.

Presentation and demo game of Alien Artifacts
10:00 (10 AM) – 13:00 (1 PM); Thursday, October 26

Special guests, Viola Kijowska and Marcin Ropka, designers of Spiel’17 release Alien Artifacts, will run a short seminar and talk about the process of designing the game. Atendees will also have a chance to participate in an open gaming event.

Portal Games Keynotes and Q&A
13:00 (1 PM) – 14:30 (2:30 PM); Thursday, October 26

Ignacy Trzewiczek, president of Portal Games, will present new releases and answer questions in the Q&A session for Portal Games fans.

Neuroshima HEX! 3.0 Tournament
14:30 (2:30 PM) – 18:00 (6 PM); Thursday, October 26

Take part in the very first international tournament for Neuroshima HEX! 3.0 and become Essen 2017 Champion! The tournament will be hosted by special guest, Michał Oracz, designer of award winning games like Neuroshima HEX or This War Of Mine.

Jess: If you are attending Essen this year definitely check out the Portal events and please do me a solid and enjoy the heck out of the conference for me?

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