Amazon Alexa, Your Guide to Board Games?

Jess: About a year ago I got a free Amazon Dot, which is a little device that lets me use Amazon Alexa. She’s helpful inasmuch as she can tell me what time it is, what the weather is like, and, on occasion, Andrew and I can play Jeopardy with her.  Not a device I truly need, but handy enough. Next March Alexa is about to get a lot more exciting though.

Sensible Object (makers of Beasts of Balance), is developing a new series of voice-augmented tabletop games called Voice Originals. The first game will be called When In Rome.

The board game is a trivia game based on facts from around the world. It will include a map, player tokens, explorer points, and souvenirs and you will be guided through play by the When In Rome Alexa Skill. Alexa will teach you the rules, keep track of your progress, and even give you tips.

According to Sensible Object: “Players choose a home city then travel the world on Air Alexa.  You’ll get to meet 20 locals from cities across the world from Mumbai to Chicago. They’ll ask you questions about local customs, street food, and many other things. Getting them right (and nabbing those elusive Souvenirs) earns you Explorer Points.”

Sensible Object is also looking for help. They need people to be the voices in the game! You can lend your talent voicing some of the facts about your city to be used in the game by applying here. A representative will call and ask some questions, then record your answers. Then in March when it comes out, you can point your pals to it and revel in your worldwide voice-over debut.

Jess: This is a neat idea and has possibilities for interesting iterations. What kind of games would you want to see integrated with Alexa? Let us know in the comments below! You can learn more about When In Rome and other Voice Originals products at:

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