Halloween Game Night Snacks

Jess: Halloween is just around the corner! Each year Andrew and I like to throw a party full of movies, treats, and games. Hosting a Halloween themed board game party can be a lot of fun, especially if you go the extra mile to do things like make up a menu of spooky snacks to pair with games. Here are a few recipes and games to inspire your inner party-planner.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf – Claw Blood Cupcakes

Gathering your village to take out some werewolves before they manage to eat everyone? Why not appease their blood-thirst with some Claw Blood Cupcakes?
Claw Blood Cupcakes Recipe

Arkham Horror Files – Clue Tokens

Fantasy Flight Games has a whole line of board games based on the Cthulhu mythos and they use magnifying glass icons to denote clues. These cookies will provide you with deliciousness as well as the know-how to close that gate to another dimension and save the world…at least for tonight.
Magnifying Glass Cookies Recipe

Fury of Dracula – Vampire Blood Lollipops

Dracula would get a lot less hangry if he had a few of these lollies hanging out in his cabinet. These look fairly simple to make and delightfully horrific. Just make sure you have a candy thermometer.

Vampire Blood Lollipops Recipe

Zombie 15′ – Rice Crispy Brains

Zombies are shambling your way hungry for brains! Set them up with these rice crispy delights so they can dig in to this co-op scenario-based survival game.
Rice Crispy Brains Recipe

Ghost Stories – Ghostly Cake Pops

Haunt your friend’s dreams with these delightful ghost pops. Super cute and fun to make, they’ll help your players remember that not ever ghost is a man-eating horror looking to resurrect the evil Wu-Feng.
Ghostly Cake Pops Recipe

All of these snacks are sure to be a hit with your ghoulish guests, but don’t forget the most important item for any great board game party: NAPKINS! You certainly don’t need the fright of finding your favorite game’s components stuck together and covered in frosting.

What are your favorite snacks to serves with creepy board games? Have any recipes to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Featured Image: By huk_flickr – originally posted to Flickr as pumpkin pie, CC BY 2.0

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