Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 10/28/17

The day you’ve been waiting for is here: FRIDAY!!! Leave work behind and roll around in some awesome Kickstartery goodness! Here’s my list of campaigns which caught my interest this week.

1. Root

The smash hit Vast: The Crystal Caverns, by Leder Games, really set the bar of expectation and Root looks to be living up to it. Once again the company visits asymmetrical play-style, but this time players take on the roles of animal factions seeking to control the forest. 
Gorgeously illustrated by Kyle Ferrin (Vast: The Crystal CavernsVast: The Fearsome FoesStitches), Root tells a story of the cats in control, the birds who seek to capture as much land as possible, the alliance who waits in the shadows, and the vagabond who’s just looking out for himself. I love the theme, the different play styles, and the art.

Go find your own path to victory in Root on Kickstarter now!

2. Storm Hollow: Call to Adventure

We took a look at Storm Hollow just before Gen Con and you can see the full review here, but for a quick breakdown:

Storm Hollow is a cross between a roleplaying system and a board game; designed to be accessible and fun for children and adults alike.The characters are called poppins as they literally “pop in” to this magical world whenever there is trouble. Call to Adventure features the “Preludes” set of adventures and 2 new Quick-start Guides to help you get started.

The production quality of this game is through the roof and the content is light, but engaging. This is a great system for people who are just learning how to roleplay or prefer a game that feels more like a fairytale than an brutal epic adventure.

Check out Storm Hollow on Kickstarter here!

3. End of the Trail

In Elf Creek Games’ End of the Trail players are looking grab up valueable land during the California gold rush. Using cards from their hand they can bid on cards and activate abilities that will help them claim land

The game combines a little bit of poker with set collection and auction mechanics, making for an interesting twist on the genre.

Stake your claim on End of the Trail on Kickstarter here!

4. Pigment

Building your legacy as a famous painter is really hard when you don’t have paint! In Pigment, you’ll be sending your Apprentices to the Bazaar to gather and trade pigments. When they return you’ll use those supplies to paint. Each panting can give you a different effect and once you have 6 in your gallery, you win!

Pigment looks like a a fun, compact worker placement game. I am a little disappointed that it only plays up to 3 players, but that’s not a big deal . You can take a look at it on Kickstarter here.

5. Dreamcatcher

A quick-playing push-your-luck card game, Dreamcatcher has players acting as the gods of dreams, protecting the mortal realm from nightmares.  Each hand, players will commit cards to defeating the nightmares, with the god who plays the most effective cards scoring points.  However, variable player powers and careful cardplay can be used to add some strategy to your efforts.

What attracted me to Dreamcatcher immediately was the art.  The game looks gorgeous!  And I love trick-taking card games, so this seems right up my ally.

Check out their campaign to decide if Dreamcatcher would be perfect for you!

Those are my Five Fave Kickstarters for the week!  Did you like any of my picks?  Have some of your own?  Please let us know in the comments below!

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