Spooky Up Your Game Night This Halloween!

Halloween lurks just around the turn of the sun and what better way to celebrate the ghoulish night than with some delightfully scary games! Here are some of our top picks of games from this year to play with your fellow ghosts and goblins this Halloween!

Campy Creatures

This card game was a super-surprise for us when we picked it up at Gen Con. It is a little set collection game where everyone’s a mad scientist looking to gather up test subjects for their villainous experiments. To kidnap the humans they seek, the scientists send out monsters to compete for the humans on offer.  Each turn everyone will play 1 card simultaneously and then whoever played the highest value card gets first pick of a mortal card to add to their score pile…except for the twist that almost every card has a power which can muck with everything. Some powers make you discard cards, negate other players powers, or even hand unwanted cards to your opponents. Campy Creatures really surprised us with how fun it was (considering how simple it is), and we totally recommend checking it out!

Mountains of Madness

A mountain climbing game for Halloween? Stay with me here! Mountains of Madness is a cooperative game set in the Cthulhu Mythos. The expedition group is trying to ascend the titular mountain and escape with their lives. Unfortunately the mountain is riddled with horrors (the titular madness) that will test your sanity, and the higher you go, the more brutal the assault on your sanity will become!

Each player will experience the descent into insanity differently, drawing cards from the madness deck and having to act them out. You may have to play the game without uttering a word or perhaps you can only only refer to values by the numbers that add up to them.  Doing laps around the table is also not unheard of.  The craziness of trying to assemble the correct supplies you need to face a challenge in the time limit while negotiating the rules of your madnesses makes for a strange, unique, tense, and occasionally really difficult  co-op game.

Exit: The Game

Kosmos has made a fantastic series of Escape games, and The Abandoned Cabin is absolutely perfect for a Halloween gathering. Like any good horror movie, the game sets the scene when your car breaks down in the middle of the woods. Instead of waiting for help in your nice, safe car, you venture forth with your friends to find shelter in the farm of a creepy cabin. You sleep away the night only to discover in the morning that you have been locked in. Someone has left a note telling you that if you cannot solve the puzzles by the time they return, terrible things will happen!

The puzzles themselves range from pretty easy to smack-yourself-in-the-head-when-you-realize-the-solution-is-staring-you-in-the-face. This one kept us busy for almost an hour and we had a ton of fun with it.  Worth noting – the Exit games are 1-time use games; without spoiling anything, scissors are useful (though not required).  Still, at less than the cost of a single movie ticket and able to entertain a whole group of gamers for a while, we think that these games are great!

Pandemic legacy season 2

*Gentle spoilers for Pandemic Legacy Season 1*

Pandemic Legacy was a super hit with its continuing story and horrific circumstances. For those of you who managed to survive the events of Season 1, Season 2 will pick up in the same world, but after a considerable amount of time has passed.  The plague wiped out quite a bit of the world and now humans are left to pick up the pieces. Having done their best to survive on floating colonies called “havens”, the new generation is gearing up to set out and explore what has become of the world. If you played the original Pandemic Legacy, you know what kind of terrors might await them. If you haven’t played the game, why are you reading this? – go get it! The campaign is fantastic and we were on the edge of our seats every time we sat down to play. No matter which Pandemic Legacy you play, your nerves will be tested!

These are only some of the awesome monster and madness filled games you can play for the holiday. What games will you be breaking out this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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