Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun on Kickstarter!

Green Couch Games has launched a new stand alone sequel to their Golden Geek Nominated game Best Treehouse Ever, called Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun on Kickstarter.

In the game players compete to build the best treehouse; complete with various rooms and pets. Treehouse architects must be careful though, as too many rooms on one side or the other will shift the balance and bring their beautiful work tumbling down.

Forest of Fun adds new locations in the forest to visit, giving builders special abilities that will help in constructing their vision.

Players earn points based on the types of rooms they add to their treehouse and whoever has the most points in the end, wins! As a bonus, Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun can be combined with Best Treehouse Ever to play up to 8 players! The original game is light, fun, and perfect for family night. If you love the original or are looking for something to share with the kids, Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun promises to add even more fun to the mix.

There are only 8 days left to back! Check out Best Treehouse Ever: Forest of Fun on Kickstarter here!


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