Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 11/17/17

Friday fun time begins now! Let’s check out which Kickstarters I’m looking at this week!

1. Human Era

Lay Waste Games, makers of Dragoon, have created a new 4-10 player social deduction game called Human Era. Humans have wrecked the timeline with their haphazard time-travel and it is up to the crew (players) to fix it before the universe collapses. Unfortunately some of the crew are cyborgs disguised as humans looking to wreck things even further!

It looks like the game uses rules similar to games like The Resistance or Secret Hitler, where players will form teams each round and play cards face down to try to achieve a goal. You can see the full rules here. The theme is fun and I’ve been really impressed with Lay Waste’s production level in their previous game, so I have high hopes for Human Era. Visit the Human Era Kickstarter here!


Sorcerer is the newest game from White Wizard, the folks behind Star Realms and Hero Realms. In this strategy card game magic users seek to dominate 3 battlefields by summoning deadly minions and casting spells at their opponents. It sounds like a lot of battle card games, but it has an interesting twist. You get to build your sorcerer at the beginning of each game by combining 3 different decks.

You’ll get to choose a Character Deck (which shows who you are), a Lineage Deck, (which represents the style of magic you inherited), and a Domain Deck (which reveals where you honed your magical powers). The base game comes with 64 possible deck combinations and there will be plenty of expansion packs to make for even more fun combos. I think making sorcerers is going to be as much fun as battling with them. Summon a look at the Sorcerer Kickstarter campaign here!

3. BoxThrone – The Modular Board Game Shelving System

BoxThrone is trying to change the way we store games by giving each game its own shelf. Doing so means it is easier to take games off the shelf, helps keep pieces from going all over the place within the box, and prevents the games from getting damaged.

This is a fantastic idea and the system looks pretty slick. My only reason for not investing in it is that I own over 800 board games. I would have to buy so many units to store them all, that it doesn’t make sense for me, but if you have a more reasonable collection, this looks like a really cool shelving system. Check out BoxThrone on Kickstarter here!

4. Chronicles of Frost

Chronicles of Frost is a deckbuilding adventure game set in the fantasy world of Mistfall, where not only will you be running around fighting monsters and grabbing loot, but you’ll also be creating your hero’s legacy.

Players will build a map of cards as they explore the world. The locations they play can give special abilities that will aid you in your quests. As you prune your deck, discarded cards will go into your hero’s chronicle which will earn you fame at the end of the game. This game combines my love of building things with my passion for roleplaying. I’m hoping its as fun as it sounds.

Learn more about Chronicles of Frost on Kickstarter here!

5. Rüdiger Dorn’s Montana – Heritage Edition

There are few games in this world that have a spinner that I am willing to play. The worker placement game, Montana, might just be one of them. In Montana you are trying to build all of your settlements before anyone else. Each turn, the spinner will determine which workers you have access to and which actions you’ll be able to take.

It looks fun and this Kickstarter will get you a deluxe version of the game. Instead of doing stretch goals, Big Kid Games will be upgrading components each day of the campaign. Go check out Montana on Kickstarter now!

Which Kickstarters are you excited about this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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