Unicorns are running wild on Kickstarter!

Morning Players is returning to Kickstarter to seek funding for their new blind-bidding and collection card game, Kill the Unicorns!

Developed by Loic Chorvot, Alain Fondrille, and Cyril Besnard, with illustrations by Levi Prewitt, Kill the Unicorns is set in a medieval alternative universe where unicorns are running rampant. The Queendom’s subjects set out annually to hunt them! Once caught, the unicorns are traded to Gnomes, who in turn sell them for parts on their Black Market.

Kill the Unicorns is in tune with the most recent Kickstarter table-top success stories such as Boss Monster, Endangered Orphans, Unstable Unicorns, and Wizard School. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the finished game in two editions:

  • The retail edition in the “License to Kill” pledge at $20
  • Kickstarter-exclusive Legendary Edition in the “Stuff of Legends” pledge at $35. Other pledges such as “DoubleRainbow”, “30cm of Pure Joy” and “Adopt a Unicorn” have extras added to the game, such as a plush Pigicorn.

The game is played in 4 rounds, with each hunt having a number of unicorns up for grabs! Each player chooses a character, uses their scheme cards to mess with the other hunters and then places their hunt cards face down to bid for the currently hunted unicorn. The highest bidder wins unless the revealed scheme card states otherwise! Once all Unicorns have been caught, hunters use their remaining hunt cards as currency to purchase items on the black market in order to increase the value of their captured unicorns, or disguise the fact they’re trying to pass off a Pigicornas the real thing.

Check out Kill the Unicorns on Kickstarter here!

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