Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

We love small games and the fact is they make amazing stocking stuffers for the holidays. Check out some of our favorites below for ideas on stuffing the heck out of those stockings this year!

Ladder 29

ladder 29 board gameLadder 29, by Ben Pinchback & Matt Riddle, is a fantastic ladder climbing game. Ladder climbers are games where players start with a hand of cards and race to see who can empty their hand first by playing sets of cards into the middle of the table. You must always beat the top-most set and with Ladder 29 changing the rules on you each turn, this can be a challenge. This game is perfect for groups who enjoy classic-style card games with a modern touch.

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Okey Dokey

Hisashi Hayashi’s Okey Dokey, published by Tasty Minstrel Games, is a cooperative, hand management game where you are trying to place all 50 cards in the deck in 10 columns. This is really tough when you can only play cards in order and you have to keep your hands a secret!



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Dairy Man

Dairy Man is a cute press-your-luck game about rolling dice and milking cows. Players will take turns rolling dice and locking sets of 10. They can keep rolling, but if they cannot make a set they lose all their sets and pass the dice to the next player. Sets can be traded in for milk tiles which can also be upgrades to ice cream and cheese. Whoever has the most milk points when all the milk has been collected wins. This game is great even for your lactose intolerant friends!

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Buttonshy Wallet Games

Buttonshy is a small game publisher and we mean small. They make delightful wallet sized games that are perfect for gaming on the go. They release a new wallet game every month, so they have a lot of titles to choose from. Circle the Wagons and Avignon A Clash of Popes are some of our top picks, but you can also pick up Cow Tiger Santa Claus to stick with the holiday theme.  Find our Buttonshy reviews here.

Harvest Dice

Just released from Grey Fox Games, Harvest Dice is a wonderfully simple roll & write where players will take turns drafting dice and drawing veggies on their farm, looking to plant them in continuous blocks.  Of course, don’t forget to feed your pig!  Harvest Dice is quick, easy, and lots of fun, and if you order from Grey Fox directly, you also get an adorably upgraded first player marker!

Medici: The Card Game

The original Medici is a fast-paced auction and market-majority game that was recently re-released by Grail Games.  Medici: The Card Game takes the essential gameplay beats from the original, removes the auction in favor of a press-your-luck component, introduces more of Vincent Dutrait’s stunning artwork, and packs it all into a little box.  We liked the original but we love this take on it, and highly recommend you check it out!

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Exit Games

The Exit series of games from KOSMOS are a surprising little pile of games.  Each one is a one-time-use series of clever logic puzzles that your group will solve together.  While some might balk at the idea of a ‘disposable’ board game, we found that, at the cost of less than a movie ticket and with a playtime of around 1-2 hours, Exit games are a solid investment and tons of fun!


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What small games will you be stuffing into stockings this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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