Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 12/1/17

Woah, it’s December already?!? Wow this year went by fast. Let’s celebrate by checking out this week’s exciting Kickstarter projects!

1. Bushido, The Way of the Warrior Game

Grey Fox Games gave me a run through of Bushido at PAX Unplugged. It’s a really neat head-to-head card game about martial artists duking it out.At the beginning of the game you’ll  get a character and put them through “training” by drafting cards that will make up your hand of abilities. You’ll also pick up a weapon to complement your abilities.

Once you are armed and trained its time to test out what you’ve learned against an opponent! Players will take turns playing cards that will determine which dice they can roll for their attacks and defenses. I thought it was a pretty solid game and Andrew agrees.

Andrew: I’m excited at the prospect of deck-construction on this small scale, because it allows for some of the clever notes of larger constructed deck games but with a fraction of the investment.  And I really loved how attacks and defenses were happening simultaneously, giving you more to think about when making your risk assessments.

Check out Bushido on Kickstarter here!

2. Museum

This may sound weird, but one of my heroes in life is Roy Chapman Andrews. He was adventurer and naturalist who ended up becoming the director of the American Museum of Natural History. This guy was the Indiana Jones of the 1900’s. So if y present me with a game that lets me adventure around, collecting up lost artifacts, and running my own museum, I’ll say “Throw me the game; I’ll throw you my money!”

Museum by Holy Grail Games focuses on set collection, but there are things like world events which will throw a wrench in the works. It  looks like just the big, beautiful kind of game that I need in my life.

Go investigate Muesum here on Kickstarter!

3. Flash Gordon for Savage Worlds

“Klytus, I’m bored. What play thing can you offer me today?” How about a roleplaying game chock full of Flash Gordon’s campy sci-fi adventure? Oh yeah!

The book is based on the comics and movie and includes a forward by actor Sam J “Flash Gordon” Jones himself! It uses a system where players can flip over a “cliffhanger” token to get a reward during the game that will help them, but this also gives the Game Master more control over whatever circumstance they find themselves in.

I’ve never played a Savage Worlds game, but now my interest has spiked! I’m a huge Flash Gordon fan and I love the idea of playing a wacky character in such an oddball universe.
Hop in your rocket ship and zoom on over to the Flash Gordon Kickstarter here!

4. Kill the Unicorns – An Enchanted Card Game For Evil Geniuses

Morning Players showed this game to me at Gen Con. It is delightfully irreverent and takes the idea of the beautiful, graceful unicorn and fills it full of farts. Yes, the unicorns of this queendom are reviled and now it is hunting season!

You’ll be blind bidding to trap unicorns, but unfortunately there are other hunters out there willing to sabotage you. Whoever manages to collect up the most points from their unicorns wins. It’s ridiculous, cute, and overall good fun.

Hunt up a copy of Kill the Unicorns on Kickstarter here!


I’ve seen a lot of roll-and-write games in my life, but never a scratch-and-write before!


In SCRATCH GOLF your pen or pencil becomes your club. The game comes with a book of courses to play on. To make a shot, you’ll place the tip of your writing implement on the tee, holding the end with one finger, and then push the pen forward, letting it fall where it will. Wherever the pen mark stops is where you’ll begin your next swing. It is a really unique idea and the art for the courses is so pretty!

Take a swing at SCRATCH GOLF here on Kickstarter!

What Kickstarters are you backing this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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