Looney Labs Releases New Holiday Game for Pyramid Arcade!

If you’re looking for a bonus to our review Pyramid Arcade, we just discovered Looney Labs has released a new set of rules, called Lava Flows, as a holiday gift.

In Lava Flows, be the first to move your pieces to the other side of the board, assembled as three Cinder Cones (a Large capped by a Medium of the same color). Don’t forget whose pieces are hidden under whose! Once your six pieces are arranged on the opposite side of the board as three Cinder Cones, one per space, you win!

You can download the rules PDF here: LAVA FLOWS

Also a physical Pyramid Arcade card for Lava Flows will be included for free with every order shipped from the Looney Labs Webstore between November 23 and January 14. After January 14, it will be available in the store for purchase.

If you haven’t played the game yet check out our review here!

Pyramid Arcade Review

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