Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 12/29/17

Welp it’s the last Kickstarticle of the year! Here’s to the end of 2017 and the beginning of something wonderful (I hope). What sort of Kickstarters shall we end the year on? Let’s take a look!

1. Dogtag

Dogtag is a party game for social media lovers. As dogs who have mastered the use of the internet it is only natural that you want to take selfies and share them on the app Dogtag.

Playing comments on your pictures will eventually make them go viral which means you can draw more cards. You’ll also be able to play action cars which will let you do things like take photos from your opponents or change out achievements. If you earn 3 of the achievement cards with your super cute snaps, you win!

Dogtag looks simple, the art is cute, and the premise is a silly satire on internet culture. If that sounds good to you then check out Dogtag on Kickstarter here!

2. The Conjurer’s Almanaq: Escape This Book

I’m a sucker for escape rooms so when I saw The Conjurer’s Almanaq I was understandably excited. Here is an escape room in a book.

The basic idea is that a great magician cast a curse on this book that anyone who tried to read it would be trapped inside. To escape you must solve the puzzles to learn the magician’s name  and a counterspell to the curse.

The 240-page book is chock full of puzzles and meta-puzzles. There isn’t much more info about it as the publisher, Almanaq, is trying to keep the campaign spoiler-free, but my interest is piqed!

Explore The Conjurer’s Almanaq on Kickstarter here!

3. Movable Type: Second Edition

Movable Type is a social word game. The game begins with 3 cards being dealt to the center of the table to become common use cards. Then players will draft hands of cards and try to make words using their hand and any of the common cards. Who ever makes the highest scoring word gets to choose 2 cards to add to their score pile, then 2nd place gets to pick 2, and everyone else gets 1. In this way everyone scores some points.

On the fourth round of this, instead of drafting hands of cards, you’ll use your score pile to make a word and the best word this round wins the game. This gives the game an interesting strategic twist as the numbers don’t matter as much as the letters themselves. Movable Type looks more challenging than I first thought when looking over the campaign. Check out the Kickstarter here!

4. Dwar7s Winter

Dwar7s Winter is the sequel to Vesuvius Media’s previous game in the series, Dwar7s Fall. It is a stand-alone worker placement game with a little bit of tower defense tucked in. While there will be a winner, the game is semi cooperative and you will need to work together to survive.

Every turn, monsters will attack the castle so players will need to build up their army of dwarves, fight monsters, and sort out any disasters that have popped up. The game comes with  a ton of beautiful minis and as add-ons you can get the original Dwar7s Fall or  Vesuvius’s other game Covil: The Dark Overlords.

Learn more about Dwar7s Winter here!

5. Chronicle X by Archon Studio

If you are a fan of games like X-Com, then Chronicle X will probably be your jam. This 1-7 player tactical board game is set in the alt-past 0f the 1980’s where aliens are trying to take over Earth.

The Chronicle X team is a super-secret alien-fighting force looking to liberate the planet. You’ll need to expand your base, build your squad, and keep the territories from being overwhelmed by alien invaders. The game can be played as a single mission or in campaign mode to get the whole story. I kinda love the bombastic 80’s look of the minis where everything is over the top and some of the stretch goal minis feel a little nostalgic (the Karoth Riverfiend is totally a Critter crossed with a Hydralisk)Take a look at Chronicle X here on Kickstarter.

So what Kickstarters did you back this year? Which Do you wish you had? Let us know in the comments below!

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