Get Sucked in to Black Hole Council on Kickstarter Now!

Orange Machine Games has begun the Kickstarter for their newest game, Black Hole Council. Black Hole Council is a 4-8 player negotiation and deduction game about shady agendas and throwing planets into a black hole. Whereas Resistance has hidden roles, in Black Hole Council you have five hidden goals. The better you meet these goals during the 2-minute negotiations, the more influence you’ll gain. And the better you deduce your opponents, the more you can block their road to victory.

Kickstarter Backers will have the opportunity to help name 32 planet cards included in the game. Fans are encouraged to provide name suggestions on Facebook, and to vote on which Planet names to keep through a link on the official Kickstarter page.

We’re excited about this is chance to get the community involved in the creation of
the Orange Machine Universe. In our Kickstarter for Abandon Planet, backers voted
on which 3D rocket models would be included in the game. Now we’re providing a
voice to help decide the names of 32 unique planets that may even be included in
future titles by Orange Machine Games.– Don Eskridge, creator of Black Hole Council and founder of Orange Machine Games

Orange Machine Games was founded by Don Eskridge, the creator of popular social deduction games The Resistance, and The Resistance: Avalon. His company focuses on highly interactive, easy-to-learn games for 4 – 8 players.

Learn more at and check out the Black Hole Council Kickstarter here!

Image credits: Orange Machine Games

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