Jess’s Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 1/5/18

It’s the first list of the year so let’s make it a good one! Here are some of the Kickstarters which caught my eye in this brand new year of 2018!

1. The Dice Tower – 2018

Our buddies at the Dice Tower are running their annual fundraiser which goes to supporting the great content that Tom Vasel, Sam Healey, Zee Garcia, and others make. These are some of the people that helped inspired us to create Gameosity so we are happy to see that even though their campaign just went live yesterday, it’s hit $153,680 already.

They have tons of rewards including dice, stickers, pins, dice towers, and promo cards.
Go check out The Dice Tower – 2018 campaign on Kickstarter here!

2. Spirits of the Forest

Spirits of the Forest is a card drafting/ set collection game where players become the four elements trying to have the majority over each spirit type. There are nine different spirits of the forest and they will be represented by tiles laid out in a grid. Players take turns collecting spirits from the board and placing their gem stones to attempt to reserve tiles.


It seems like a pretty simple abstract game, but the production value is through the roof. The art is beautiful, the pieces look really nice, and, if you want, you can get the deluxe or the collectors edition which come with upgraded and extra components like a metal token, cloth mat, bag, etc…

Take a look at Spirits of the Forest on Kickstarter here!

3. Status Report!

Earlier today we reviewed Status Report!  (you can see the full review here). It is a social deduction game where the captain of a starship must try to discern which of the A.I. on board are the lone helpful one or the evil rampant ones.

The Rampant A.I. will be killing off crew members, so the captain has a limited amount of actions they can take before the game ends. If they manager to find the correct A.I. before the end or if enough of the crew manages to survive the brutal A.I. attacks, then the captain and their helpful A.I. wins! Otherwise the rampant ones will have taken control of the ship.

Check out Status Report! on Kickstarter here!

4. Elinor. The Deserted Valley

Based on a novel by the same name, Elinor. The Deserted Valley is a 2-6 player fantasy war game that can be played 2 ways.

The simpler game is a chess-like strategy games where the aim is to defeat all of your opponents tokens. The second game allows you to go further by building forts, gaining units, and developing your economics. There is a web demo of the game at: to check out.

You can learn more about Elinor. The Deserted Valley on Kickstarter here.

5. Black Hole Council

Black Hole Council is a 4-8 player negotiation and deduction game where people have developed the technology to aim black holes.

Those in charge of the tech are called the black hole council and they are some shady characters. Willing to shove black holes at entire planets for money, each player will have a secret agenda for what will happen to each planet. You can bribe your opponents to see things your way, but ultimately you’re going to have to fast talk your way to victory. If an opponents guesses  one of your secret goals they can steal some of your influence, making it harder to achieve victory.

Learn more about Black Hole Council on Kickstarter here!

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