Plan B Games Announces Next Move!

Plan B Games has announced the creation of the latest publishing and design studio to join our portfolio – Next Move Games.

Designed from the ground up, Next Move will focus on light themed abstract games with deep strategy. Riding on the success and popularity of modern abstracts, Next Move will bring fans pure games with simple core mechanisms to engage their minds. Fans can expect chic, high quality components that offer a simple pleasure to the tactile and visual senses. A final point to note is that every Next Move title will be 4 letters in length to reinforce the elegance in its design.

(Not final box art – visual still in development)

The first title Reef was created by acclaimed designer Emerson Matsuuchi – best known for designing the Century series. During the game, players serve as the reef itself – alternating turns of carefully selecting which colors and patterns in which to grow and expand – the more beautiful the reef, the more points they will score!

Reef will debut on June 13, 2018 at Origins and will be available at retailers shortly after.


Fans who pre-order Reef from NextMoveGames starting on April 16, 2018 will also receive a free exclusive promotional item. Learn more at

Image Credits: Plan B Games

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