The Art of Tokaido Kickstarter Announced

Jess: Wanna watch me hemorrhage money? Just make anything new related to Tokaido. It’s like my catnip.

This Monday, January 22 at 11 am. EST, Funforge will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for The Art of Tokaido.

This breathtaking 240 page book will include all of the original graphical creations and all of the illustrations that make the singular universe of Tokaido (including art that never made the cut). You’ll get a chance to see how the designs evolved from rough sketches to the finished product.


The book presents the whole TOKAIDO™ product line:
Tokaido (original edition of the game),
Crossroads (1st expansion),
Matsuri (2nd expansion),
Tokaido Collector’s Edition (Kickstarter),
Tokaido Digital (available in iOS AppStore, Google Play and Steam),
Tokaido 5th anniversary edition (new regular edition of the game):

On top of the regular Hard Cover pledge, you’ll be able to support us by backing a Prestige edition of the book including a spot UV varnish hard slipcase, a fine Giclee of the game Collector’s edition cover art and a very special numbered certificate of limited edition.

Jess: So I know where all my money is going January 22…

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